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Emoji exploji

I watched the Ellen’s emoji exploji and I thought that game was going to be the actual game but no 😔 it’s just gifs and Ellen emojis it’s still good tho.

Waste of Money

I downloaded this app hoping that I would get a lot of funny and cute emojis. I couldn’t even get one. This app is a waste of money. Spend your $1.99 on something else


Wish I could figure out the code for the 12 days of Christmas on the emoji app I have it and I can’t keep coming here but I can’t find it I’m frustrated help


I really like the app and I love Ellen but I was unaware that it charges my account ... I didn’t have money in my account so now I have an overdraft .. idk why this would cost any money out of no where ... ugh $30 over a $2.13 charge ... other than that I love the emoji

Doesn't Work 2nd Ellen App I've Bought That Doesn't

I was skeptical because the last Ellen app I got didn't work and kept trying to contact app support to no avail. But I really liked the stickers they are so cute and so I have it a go and right away wouldn't work I am so disappointed it's the 2nd time I wasted my money. Which isn't even the part that makes me so upset it's that I really wanted to use the apps

Cute but minimally interesting

Happy I got it free.


I love the emoji but I hat that 9 out of 10 times they don't work. I can get them to copy but hardly ever paste. And if one of the moving one it never works. Sorry but would never buy again.

Identity theft waiting to happen

All keystrokes are sent through the developer's app. Just think about that. Apple prompts you with a warning when you give the keyboard full access. Kind of scary.

Fun, but few

I love Ellen, but I am disappointed by the small amount of emoji's. Since that app is not free, I expected more. Please add more!


Omg Ellen love this emoji app I use it it is funny and I hope you put me on your show👩🏾👩🏾❤️❤️👋🏾👩🏼

Cute but doesn't work with FaceBook

I love these emojis but they won't paste into FB! Makes me sad as I want the coolest emojis. However everyone loves them in iMessages. Deducting one star because of the FB conflict.


these are cute and fun but some of them are a little hard to understand what they mean..

Great app

Great app and a bunch of different emojis

Not worth it

The emojis and gifs are sent as pictures and videos you need to copy and paste into text. The keyboard often shuts down and is slow. The avocado wearing a top hat makes it somewhat worth it, but not $2.

The best app

Thank you from iceland 💋


I accidentally bought this give me a refund I haven't even fully installed this app! >:(


Not only do you get holiday emoji but a ton of cool and other funny ones. I would tell you like which ones but I would spoil the surprise. I got to say it's worth it downloaded give it a shot you're gonna love it, you're gonna use them all the time. You can even express yourself with them as well. "All you got to do is hold down on the emoji you want to use, it automatically copies & then you go open the page you'd like to paste too." I love Exploji Emoji. And I know you're gonna love it too. So what are you waiting for the price to go up? YES!!! IT THAT GOOD!! download Emoji Exploji TODAY. For those that are saying that the keyboard is not popping up when trying to type after giving full access in the keyboard setting. need to go hit the little *round circle thing at the bottom of your keypad kinda like if your switching between languages ****it may seem like it freezing a little bit but in reality it's just loading the emoji Exploji keypad. I promise you it does work & I guarantee you it worth it.

Not happy

Not happy Ellen!!! This app doesn't even give me the chance to add it in my settings as a keyboard!

Give access to everything including what I text.

That's bs. I love you Ellen, but your developers are not getting transcripts of my account passwords, or things I type. Deleted app

Don't do it

Paid the fee then it says the developer will have full access to anything I type including credit cards and sensitive information. What a waste of money.

Nothing there

I paid for the app and there's nothing there ☹️


Not upset over paying a mere $1.99 BUT realizing I have allow full access to the developer to everything I have and will text is unacceptable. Very disappointed!

I can't get it to work on my iPad

I have given the keyboard full access but the keyboard doesn't pop up when I'm trying to make an entry on fb.

Doesn't work

Paid for the emojis but they do not work on my phone. They don't even appear when I try to text.

So much fun! Love it!

What a Great APP! Love it! I love how you can also buy Ellen merchandise on there for great prices!

Cant use top row


Not very good. Sorry Ellen.

The emojis act as pictures and when they are sent do not show clearly. They should act the way Apple's emojis do in iMessage.

Ellen NSA

The app only functions when you agree to allow permissions to everything your keyboard types in the future and has ever typed in the past.

Boooo haters, this app is awesome.

Ellen is my hero. These Emoji's are awesome. My friends and I love them. How could people not like these?

Waste of $2!

You have to give full access to all text information including credit card information 👎🏻👎🏻


It's made out to seem like you can use your photo or friends but you cannot. Bummersville for sure!


I absolutely love Ellen! She's my heroine... I love the app, just that in my opinion the copy/paste is a lil annoying... but other than that the emojis are fun... yet to figure some of them out :D is there a list of the meanings somewhere? Lol I would suggest adding some Dory fun filled emojis!


Fun, family friendly. I like all the little emojis. Great job team Ellen!

Disappointed buyer

So disappointed! In order to use these you have to give access to all ALL personal information. (Including credit card information). It is stated right before attempting to use the emojis! I declined and deleted the ap and wasted $2. Frustrating!!

Not happy

They want you to allow full access to your texting and will not allow you to use the app without doing that. I don't think Ellen would be happy about that but she must know, disappointed to say the least

Not real emoji app!!!

Please read! This is a stand alone app you must type and paste your message into other formats. It's NOT an emoji keyboard like your other emojis. Disappointing that someone like Ellen would put her name on this. Don't pay for this.... Oh, why can't you rate "0" stars Apple?

Waste of money

Small selection and not very cute/funny or useful. Immediately deleted this app.


Super weak, wasted my money. deleted it after 2 minutes.


Love ELLEN but already deleted this app. Can't stand how it takes over your entire keyboard and won't autocorrect when using it. Emojis are wonderful but not worth the pain of using the keyboard part.


I love Ellen but I have to say, this app is lame. Come on Ellen, you can do better than that. Im disappointed. I like the dancing Ellen, but that's about it


Just purchased this and when I tap on an Emoji, I get the message that it was copied. No Emoji is being sent. Using on an iPhone 6 w IOS10. Rating it 3 until this is answered.


I don't get it! There is not much here. Perhaps I don't know how to use this app or able to get what others are saying are fun????? I wish I didn't buy this app.

Waste of $$

Couldn't figure out how to send the emojis. And it slowed down my texting by having the keyboard on

Works .01% of the time

It is very slow


I just wasted my money!

Too Much Access

They forget to tell you in the comments that this app if you give it full access will have access and allow it to take anything that you type or even access to credit card information.


I was so disappointed with this app. I love Ellen but this is one of the worst Emoji Apps. The animated ones are cute but other ones were boring.

Become the Man

Ellen Degeneres is the only sellout I support.


These emojis are week! Not at all at Ellen's funny level. Not creative. Not cute. Not well designed. I can't find a way to use any on my texting. Don't waste your money. Disappointed

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